New and Revised Map and Database: Documenting Sectarianism in the Middle East

Our new website is finally here! After incorporating in June of 2017, the Eshhad team has diligently prepared to transfer data and materials to our new website,, which is now live. Now, data is readily accessible and our updated codebook is publicly available. To help our supporters more deeply connect with the work we do, we offer a mosaic of photographs of the very communities that we advocate for throughout the region.

Over the past four years, Eshhad has documented and researched sectarianism in an effort to provide a crucial tool to understanding the roots of sectarian violence in Egypt. Since its inception in August 2013, Eshhad has documented over 700 incidents in Egypt that have victimized religious, ethnic, and cultural minorities. Now, as the project continues to grow, Eshhad is expanding its research into Iraq and Syria along with its mandate to engage in litigation and various other legal support services.


  • Third Quarterly Trend Report: July - September 2017

Eshhad’s latest quarterly trend report focuses on the period of July - September 2017. With the marked increase of violence against religious minorities in Egypt and specifically the Islamic State’s shift towards a sectarian agenda, 2017 is the bloodiest year for religious minorities since Eshhad first began documenting. 416 people were killed in 2017.

  • Updated Codebook

Eshhad’s codebook details how we do we our research. First published in 2015, the Map Methodology and Database Codebook has been updated to reflect a number of changes. Incident variables now allow for numerous perpetrators, allowing us to identify whether they are state or non-state actors, as well as the specific identities of perpetrators. We have also added a new target category that allows us to identify whether an incident is aimed at a religious, cultural, or ethnic target.

  • Direct Incident Submission

Eshhad is excited to introduce our new incident submission form for key partners on the ground, as well as for victims or witnesses of sectarian incidents in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

All information received is reviewed and verified to the extent possible against other sources. We also work carefully to protect the anonymity of those who submitted the information.


Be on the lookout for our first-ever annual report, which will include a comprehensive analysis of Eshhad’s findings and documentation throughout 2017.

Additionally, Eshhad is currently accepting internship applications, seeking one legal intern and two research and policy interns for Spring 2018. Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2018. See here for more information.


In order to support our goal, Eshhad is currently accepting donations. Every dollar counts, and will help us accomplish our mission by sustaining our research, advocacy, and litigation. Together, we can make an impact.


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